A new button appears unexpectedly and surprises Whatsapp users.

Change in Messenger! What is behind this new button on Whatsapp? Suddenly, many users widened their eyes when they received a new message on their smartphone.

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Anyone who has already updated their Whatsapp application to the latest version will certainly have noticed the new button we are talking about here. It allows you to execute a specific command with significantly fewer clicks.

Whatsapp: Update brings new button

A few days ago Whatsapp rolled out update For now only for Android users. Anyone who has already updated their messenger may have been briefly irritated: As soon as a new message arrives on the cell phone, a new button is displayed.

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This allows you to mute specific chats directly. Of course, this is not a new function in principle. But until now, if you wanted to mute a contact, you had to open the app, manually select the chat, click the “three-dot” options button, and then turn on mute. It’s faster now.

If you receive a message from a contact who is not muted, the “Mute” function will be displayed in the push notification. So you can ensure peace of mind almost directly without having to open the app again.

Not the only change in Whatsapp

But that’s not the only innovation that the latest Whatsapp version brings with it. Another feature has been added for your status reports.

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