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  • 06 December 2022
    4:56 pm

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  • One of the faces of “There is such a people” in Plovdiv, during the heyday of fame and election results, made a political transfer. Ivaylo Vasilev of ITN entered the BSP, already having a membership card, reports trafficnews.bg.

    The lawyer participated in the organization of the elections under the auspices of the quota party of Slavi Trifonov. He has been president and vice president of 16 RICs for two consecutive ballots. In addition, Vassilev was one of the municipal coordinators of ITN under the hills. He left the party in April, but his political career outlook apparently prompted him to seek fulfillment in other political projects.

    Slavi Trifonov explained why he left the coalition

    This is how he got into the BSP, as a few days ago it was presented by the chairman of the city council under the hills Ivan Petkov – Bebeto. “I hope that, as a lawyer, I will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the organization with my experience. I believe that only a just and social law will set us free,” he wrote on his Facebook profile.

    Whether Vassilev goes to the socialists out of conviction or out of interest is still difficult to say. The thing is, though, he’s going to an organization that looks a lot like ITN with people leaving en masse. The difference is that the BSP is a parliamentary party, at least for now.

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