A neighbor of Santa Olalla denounces the attack of two dogs that killed his | SER Toledo

Court number 2 of Torrijos filed the complaint on the afternoon of Thursday, September 3. Two dogs had savagely killed Nano, a Westy breed dog that had accompanied for eight years Jose Luis Moraleda while both took one more of their walks, without intuiting that it would be the last

Unexpectedly, according to the complaint, the two unguarded animals left through the open door of a illegally occupied housing in Santa Olalla (Toledo) and without anyone holding or following them, they ended the life of the animal, leaving a pool of blood in the place.

Barren were José Luis’s attempts to dissuade the dogs and that could cost him dearly, because he fell to the ground in the struggle with the dogs that fattened the dog

Neither does the vet of the Faunia clinic could do nothing for the life of the dog. His report describes the injuries that caused him acute hemorrhage because the animal “I was devastated.”

The violent event, for which no one is responsible, shocked this neighbor of Santa Olalla who went to the health center to request an injury report.

Notified the local police, He went to the house from which the two dogs left. Its occupant said he was sleeping and had not heard anything about what happened, says the complainant. The agents returned the next day after a call from the court interested in the whereabouts of animals They only found one of them and warned its alleged owner not to let him leave the room.

After what happened, the residents of the urbanization “La Ventana” comment on other incidents with the same dogs, although none of such violence. In statements to the SER, Jose Luis regrets that few complaints are filed for similar events and attributes it to a lack of interest from the forces of order. Listen to the interview:

Listen to Interview with José Ignacio Moraleda on Play SER

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