A mythical object helps children confront Corona

“You heroine. How can children fight COVID-19!” This is the title of a new story book released with the aim of helping children understand and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, published by the United Nations – coinciding with World Mental Health Day, Which coincides with Friday.

This book is the fruit of cooperation between more than 50 organizations working in the humanitarian sector, including the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and the Save the Children Fund.

A mythical object helps children confront Corona

The book, “You Hero. How Kids Can Fight COVID-19!” With a mythical creature named Ario, to explain to the children how to protect themselves, their family and friends from Corona VirusAnd how to deal with the turbulent feelings that overwhelm them when they encounter a new and rapidly changing reality, according to the United Nations, to download this book Click here Let’s download it In the arabic language Press here And to download it in all languages Click here

In the same context; In conjunction with the world’s celebration of the International Day of Mental Health, which comes that year under exceptional circumstances and atmosphere due to the Corona pandemic that has taken the lives of thousands around the globe, and infected millions, in addition to what it caused on the economic level, and what it left behind of the state of anxiety that some people feared for His family and loved ones ..

The Egyptian Ministry of Health has published a set of guidelines to combat feelings of anxiety about a crisis Corona VirusShe also put up numbers on her official Facebook page to communicate with psychiatrists.

In the beginning, I advised to follow all means of protection from Corona Virus New, especially with regard to washing hands frequently and adhering to social distancing, and she emphasized the need to pay attention to personal hygiene and surface cleanliness, but without exaggeration.

She also advised parents to support their children at that stage by caring for them and playing fun activities with them, and demanding not to interact with rumors and search for Corona news from reliable sources only once or twice a day.

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In context; The same advised the United Nations to avoid news that causes you to worry about Corona Virus As much as possible, convince yourself that the purpose of this news is to help you prepare your future plans.

In its report, the United Nations stressed the importance of following up on the news of the injured who have recovered from Covid 19And not only news of the dead and injuries, and I demanded not to bully those who fell into the trap of Corona, but to work to support and support them, to read the full report Click here

On the other hand; The United Nations launched a set of general advice on World Mental Health Day Related to the elderly, and children, as you did not forget those who face psychological problems.

Tips for children

In the beginning, the United Nations indicated that in times of adversity, it is natural for children to seek extra attention from you, so you can do the following:

Talk to your children about Corona Virus Sincerely newcomers using age-appropriate language, maintain your familiar habits as much as possible or develop new ones, especially if you must stay home.

Support your children in learning at home, and make sure you set aside specific time for play.

Help children find positive ways to express their feelings such as fear and sadness. Sometimes, engaging in a creative activity, such as playing or painting, may help them achieve this goal.

Help children communicate frequently with friends and family members via phone and online channels, and make sure that they spend a certain amount of time off screens every day and spend some time together in activities that are not connected to the Internet.

Help them do a creative activity, such as drawing a picture, writing a poem, building something, cooking a cake, singing or dancing, or playing in your garden if you have a garden, and try to make sure that your children do not spend more time than they normally would practicing Video games.

For the elderly

As the United Nations advice for the elderly came in World Mental Health Day As follows:

Maintain regular contact with your loved ones via phone, email, social media, or video, for example, and maintain your regular habits and appointments as much as possible, whether in relation to eating, sleeping, or the activities you love.

Learn how to do simple daily exercises to do at home when you are in quarantine so that you can maintain your mobility. Find out how to get practical help when needed, such as calling a taxi, getting food, or seeking medical attention.

Make sure you have a supply of a month or more of your regular medications, and seek support from family members, friends or neighbors when needed.

People with psychological problems

If you are receiving treatment because of your mental health disorder, you should follow the following advice according to the United Nations: Be sure to continue taking the prescribed medications and make sure that there is a mechanism to replenish your stock of medicine.

And if you are consulting a mental health professional, find out how to continue to receive this support during the Corona pandemic, and stay in contact with the people who care for you and get to know others you can contact for support in case your mental health deteriorates.

If you are receiving treatment because of your alcohol or drug use disorder, be aware that an outbreak of Covid-19 disease may increase feelings of fear, anxiety and isolation, which in turn can lead to an increased risk of relapse, substance abuse, stopping treatment or non-compliance with regimens. Curative.

And be sure to continue taking the prescribed medications, especially if you are being treated with opioids such as methadone or buprenorphine, and make sure that there is a mechanism in place to get your medication supplies regularly in place.

And if you’re receiving support from a psychiatrist or support group, find out how to continue getting that support during the pandemic.

If you are receiving treatment because you have a gaming or gambling addiction disorder, continue your treatment if possible, and consult your doctor or caregiver to find out the best way to continue treatment during the home isolation period.


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