a mysterious ice angel appeared in a US lake

Through Twitter the discovery of a thread figure in the shape of an angel was announced, which allegedly “appeared” on the shores of a lake in Michigan, in the United States. However, doubts have arisen among netizens as to whether it is a real video or a fake.

Viral on TikTok_ ice angel.png

On Twitter, many users argue about whether the “thread angel” is real or a fake.

The video that went viral on Twitter – and on YouTube – was allegedly recorded on the shores of a lake in New Buffalo, Michigan, United States. In the clip you can see a mysterious ice figure similar to an angel with outstretched wings, which are clearly defined.

However, users of social networks generated a debate about the images and divided opinions. Well, while some of the people think that it is a “divine” message fallen from the sky, others assure that it is an ice figure sculpted by the inhabitants of the sector.


“It seems that if they carved it there”; “I do believe that it is a message that we are not alone”; “How beautiful, I take it as a sign”; “Sure someone did it, there are no apparitions”, you can read between some comments on Twitter.

According to what the local media reported, the ice figure that has an angel shape, would have appeared naturally at the mouth of the Galien River and New Buffalo Lake.

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Next, we leave you the video that went viral on Twitter of the “Ice Angel”:


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