A Muslim shocks Yasmine Ezz after revealing her true age and announces the reason for her ca


Saturday 24 December 2022

Festival singer Muslim revealed the truth about his retirement from singing, through his media briefing, Yasmine Ezz, this Saturday evening.
And the young singer said: I am retiring, but I announced on Instagram that I will be absent because I am psychologically tired of the pressure because the Musicians Union did not give me statements for my concerts due to the military certificate, because I am still only 21 years old.
And he continued: “I also suffered because the producers monopolized me when I was young, and so if I downloaded a song on YouTube, it would be closed.

He explained, “The union problem was solved after I applied in the army, I was awarded in the union and I succeeded, praise God. My problem was solved and I felt the world started laughing of me”.
And Muslim has announced his departure from singing due to the pressures he suffers from the medium and the producers’ monopoly on him.

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