A mountain of excrement on Inter. And all shut up

But what must happen for someone to talk about the arbitration wrongs suffered by Inter? In four games we have already seen all the colors, the record is touched under the Var regime. In recent years, since the introduction of technology to assist the referees, so many atrocities have rarely happened one after another. We remember the famous Pjanic-Rafinha in Inter-Juve, del D’Ambrosio’s nipple in Florence, del Dimarco’s arm in Inter vs. Parma. Last year something more, but never with the disarming continuity as in this start of the championship. After Fiorentina, hallucinating (and hallucinating) directions by Piccinini and Nasca in Benevento, of Guide and Irrati in Rome with Lazio and then the freshest, last Saturday, of Mariani and (again) Irrati in the derby. It will not be a conspiracy, it will not be a second Calciopoli, whatever you want, but the data is alarming: too many clear situations in which it was decided not to see or to see badly.

In Benevento, the Piccinini-Nasca couple cancels a goal and a penalty against Lukaku, whistles a foul against Sensi when the Campanian goalkeeper crashes on him at the edge of the area and does not see a clear touch of the arm in Tuia’s area on a close-range shot by Stretcher. Everything passes in silence given the Nerazzurri 5-2. The Guida-Irrati tandem does not do better at the Olimpico before the stop, amidst random yellow, a blatant touch of Parolo’s arm with Barella launched towards Strakosha and the icing of Sensi’s expulsion. The grotesque triptych is completed by the direction of Mariani-Irrati in the derby: Kjaer (already booked) is pardoned after being held in Lautaro on the edge of the area on a promising occasion; no foul when Theo Hernandez tackles Lukaku in a rush towards the area; Kessie (already cautioned) goes with a hammer foot on Hakimi’s ankle and even here he doesn’t even do it; given and removed from Lukaku the penalty of the possible 2-2 for a non-existent offside, with Kjaer clumsily delivering the ball on the Belgian’s feet first with a wrong touch and then stretching with his toe. You understand that, after less than four games, there is a lot of stuff to talk about. Other clubs would have opened dossiers after the first match, here instead Inter is silent.

An attitude that does not pay and will never pay, indeed. Also because no one from the press room dreams of asking questions about a Conte during the post-race. Imagine. Nor is it the Nerazzurri coach who raises the problem, almost drugged by the search for aesthetics. But the data remains and it is shameful: three games in a row heavily conditioned by arbitrage not even worthy of the third category. Unacceptable decisions in Var times. But we prefer to talk about the fragility of Inter’s defensive phase, which certainly won’t be perfect, but pretends not to remember the simultaneous absences of Skriniar and Bastoni. And above all, given the huge offensive production: what about Milan’s defensive phase? Between missed goals, penalties not granted and last-minute rescues, it certainly cannot be said that Inter did not create the conditions not only to equalize, but to win the derby. And before that in Rome with Lazio. However, the lost points begin to accumulate and it is not good.

It would take someone in the club to take charge of these quarrels and raise their voices, because going on like this is no longer tolerable especially out of respect for the fans, already frustrated in not being able to follow the team at the stadium. In the past, Conte was reproached for excessive speech and then, now, he is almost silent against nature. And so let some manager take the floor to defend Inter from this mountain of excrement who shovels him every three days, on and off the pitch.



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