A miracle in Plovdiv! Baby Vasco saved after three months of struggle With …

A real feat was performed by the neonatologists at the St. George University Hospital in Plovdiv. On October 14 last year in the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Hospital “St. George” – Plovdiv, a premature baby was born. Little Vasco appears in the 25th week of gestation with a weight of only 570 g. The child is being cared for around the clock in the hospital under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Maya Krasteva-Vilmosh. Despite the difficulties and the small chances for life, with a lot of professionalism and joint efforts, the team of the department creates a little miracle.

Today, after more than 3 months, the little hero will be cast. Everyone in the clinic is satisfied with the work done and the successful outcome. However, doctors and midwives find it difficult to part with Vasco, who has entered the heart of everyone he has touched.

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