a minor beaten to blood for vomiting on the bed

This Friday, October 22, the web was shaken by the photo of a minor beaten to blood in the town of Bingerville. According to Police Relief, “thechild would have been beaten up for having vomited on a bed. ”Immediately, a team was dispatched to become acquainted with the facts to the effect of having the action to be taken.

“After cross-checking the information, we contacted the Bingerville police station, the zone police station, to take the request into account.

as well as Children of Africa by Madam the First Lady for the medical consideration of the child “he informed.

Thus “the police services under the leadership of the Commissioner of Bingerville immediately deported to the scene for verification and arrests.

The latest news “the child was recovered and quickly taken to the Mother-Child Hospital of Bingerville where he was expected by officials. Instructions from Children of Africa were left for immediate care of the child.” He clarified.

Carlos DOGBA

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