A Million Reality C33 smartphone now features dynamic RAM, more convenient multitasking and creativity through a 50MP AI camera

Jakarta,– As a smartphone with a new standard 50MP camera with a premium design, the kingdom C33 is now equipped with the Dynamic RAM feature. With a retail price of IDR 1,599,000, these additional features make it an increasingly appropriate million dollar smartphone for youngsters for various activities including playing multitasking and being creative.

With the addition of the Dynamic RAM function, the performance qualified in the C33 realm will accelerate even more. The dynamic RAM feature allows users to expand the RAM capacity of the smartphone using the internal storage space. This feature works similar to virtual memory on a computer. This new RAM-increasing technology in realme C33 can help users in many ways, which in turn helps more applications stay in memory, making interface movements smoother and faster.

Thanks to the qualified hardware and the additional dynamic RAM function, the process of opening applications will be faster, including the stability when playing games. realme also incorporates the powerful octa-core Unisoc T612 chipset, which is popular and tested for reliability. This combination makes the Reign C33 very reliable when running multiple applications simultaneously to play popular game titles which are quite heavy even without significant hindrances.

realme C33 also breaks the stigma of an unreliable million-dollar smartphone for photography. realme C33 can deliver sharp and clear shots with advanced AI features on a 50MP resolution camera. Capturing moments is no longer a problem because they will be recorded correctly through high resolution detailed photos even when zoomed in or when facing the sun thanks to the CHDR algorithm technology incorporated in the C33 realm.

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Unlike most smartphones in its class, the Realme C33 smartphone comes with a premium design. Adopting the Boundless Sea design which is inspired by the charm of the boundless ocean. Thanks to micron-level processing and lithography, the realme C33 rear case comes with a dynamic visual light effect that will show different colors when viewed from other angles. Through two color choices, the Aqua Blue color variant offers a romantic water reflection effect, while the Night Sea color variant features unique black accents and adapts to the everyday style of young people.

Another design advantage is its compact size. Considering that this smartphone has a large battery capacity of 5,000mAh, Realme is able to fit it perfectly into the C33 realm, which is only 8.3mm thick. Do you want to take it anywhere or place it anywhere, the C33 kingdom will not be a burden.

The benefits brought by Dynamic RAM will be available to users of the C33 realm starting today through an OTA update, as well as smartphones of another C Series realm, i.e. the C35 realm starting next week, and can be activated via the Settings menu. Realm’s latest addition for youngsters makes the Realme C Series smartphone a powerful tool for multitasking and various other activities as compared to other smartphones in its segment.

As a smartphone that will get the dynamic RAM function, the new realme C33 premium design 50MP Millions standard smartphone camera can be purchased at the price of IDR 1,599,000 for a 3GB + 3GB memory configuration* | 32GB and IDR 1,799,000 for 4GB+4GB* | 64GB. realme C33 is also available in two color choices to produce an elegant aura and a comfortable grip thanks to its very slim body.

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Visit www.realme.com/id and follow realme Indonesia’s social media to stay up-to-date with realme’s latest information for young people in Indonesia.

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