A million moments in Večerníček’s hats performed in Kavčí hory in support of ČT

About twenty members of the initiative met in Prague. They wore paper caps made up of newspapers, like the Evening TV. The speeches criticized the government and some of its projects, such as the system for selling electronic motorway stamps.

Critics of the council’s approach turned to members of the election committee in charge of the media. According to them, deputies should say, among other things, whether the appeal of the Supervisory Board was illegal and how they intend to resolve the situation in the Czech Television Council. “The members of the committee have the opportunity to calm the situation,” said Bejnamin Roll, the chairman of the Million. He hopes that the deputies will oppose “all efforts to destabilize Czech Television”. “We have to defend the free media,” Roll said.

Hana Lipovská, a member of the CT Board, has defended the appeals of the Supervisory Board in recent days, according to her it was in accordance with the law and the Board approached it with due diligence. According to Lipovská, the reason was serious reservations about the work of the commission, which is an advisory body to the council. Dissatisfaction culminated in the discussion of the change of land under the Ostrava study, to which the commission did not provide some documents in time.

Happening A million moments in front of the Czech Television building in Prague’s Kavčí hory

Photo: Pavel Jaňurek, News

For example, Senator Marek Hilšer from the Starostů Club also spoke at the meeting. “Once again, we are witnessing politicians trying to control the public media,” he warned. According to him, it is necessary to shield these media as one of the pillars for preserving democracy from political power. According to the philosopher Václav Němec, the dismissal of the supervisory board was illegal and the independence of Czech Television is in jeopardy.

Several dozen people attended a gathering in Zlín at the statue of Tomáš Garrigu Masaryk. In the center of Karlovy Vary at the stand with the slogan “Without free media, there are no free elections. A year of change,” the participants signed a petition in support of Czech Television. Two dozen came. In Hradec Králové in the early evening on Masaryk Square, about 60 to 70 people gathered at the announced gathering. The protesters later went around the headquarters of Czech Radio to the Hradec Králové editorial office of Czech Television at KC Aldis.

In November, the Senate stated that the appeal of the Supervisory Board was not in accordance with the Act on Czech Television. At the same time, he asked the House Electoral Committee to address the council’s mistakes and, if confirmed, to consider the dismissal of councilors who made mistakes.

Four of the five dismissed members of the commission delivered a pre-litigation summons to the council, stating that there was no legal reason for their dismissal and they wished to continue in office. Otherwise, they intend to go to court. Television councilors have already elected new members of the commission. Unlike them, the members of the commission are bound by confidentiality and can view all internal materials of Czech Television.

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