a mile around your home, how far can you go?

An interactive tool allows you to discover how far you can venture outside your home, within a radius of one kilometer.

Eight months later, it is time to find the reflexes that were ours between March 17 and May 11, dates of the first confinement. In the spring, during these 55 days, we used to bring one or more certificates for each of our outings.

We had also learned to concentrate our movements to get some fresh air, take out a pet or practice a physical activity, within a radius of one kilometer around our place of residence. From Friday, these constraints will become our daily life again, at least until December 1.

Jean Castex confirmed this Thursday that the distance of one kilometer must be respected and was once again the norm for everyday travel.

One kilometer as the crow flies

Using the tool below, set up by the Esri France platform , you can find out on a map which is the one kilometer zone in which you are free to go out, within the limit of one hour per day.

To do this, simply type your postal address in the search bar, or let the site locate your location, then validate by pressing the “calculate area” button. Therefore, two limits appear on the map.

The one that indicates the perimeter in which you can circulate is in the form of a blue dotted circle , because the radius is calculated as the crow flies from your home. It is also possible to navigate freely on the map, zoom in and select a location from which this famous perimeter can be calculated.

>> If the map is not displayed correctly, click here

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