A meter of snow and falling temperatures. Icy Arctic air rushes to Europe

The change in the nature of the weather should occur on Thursday, when cold air will start to enter Europe, which will bring with it not only cooling, but also precipitation. These will be rainy at first, but hearty. In some parts of Germany and Austria, even local floods could occur, meteorologists warn.

It should start snowing from Friday. The first snowflakes will appear in higher positions first, gradually the snowfall limit will decrease. At night on Saturday it should snow in positions around 900 meters above sea level. In the Alps, even 100 centimeters of snow could fall in 48 hours. Usually, however, the snow share will be at the level of 30 to 50 centimeters.

People should be prepared for a sharp drop in temperature. Instead of the current summer values, they will be around 10 degrees Celsius at the weekend. A fresh wind should blow, snow tongues will form in the Alps.

In the Czech Republic, temperatures drop by 15 degrees

“The cold front should arrive in the Czech Republic on Friday and Arctic air will start flowing into the ground behind it, which will bring down temperatures by up to 15 degrees. From locations around 800 meters above sea level, it will snow or fall with snow, “Dagmar Honsová from Meteopress told the News. It should rain heavily in lower positions.

“Such severe cooling and snowfall in the mountains is nothing special in September,” Hons said.

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