a meteorite seen by festival-goers in the sky of Clisson on the closing night

It was not just the decibels of Metallica and fireworks in the sky of Clisson in the night from Sunday to Monday. Several witnesses saw a meteorite.

Fireworks lit up the Hellfest site last night after the Metallica concert. And a meteorite took over around 2:20 a.m.

“It lasted a minute, explains Tangi Le Bigot, who worked as an image operator at Hellfest TV, we see stars advancing in the sky, we wonder what it is: a cloud of drones, a fragment of fireworks? The fireworks had ended shortly before.”

We see this thing in the sky and we come to the conclusion that it is a meteorite which is passing

And Tangi was not the only one to see the phenomenon in the Clissonnais sky. Ivananas asks on Twitter: “Am I the only one who saw a weird flash in the sky some kind of meteor or comet that broke up in the sky?”

On the Hellfest forum, Internet users appreciate the wink “When you leave you can see meteorites lighting up the sky, what more could you ask for…”

Contacted, Nantes planetarium confirms the phenomenon after viewing the images.

“It’s a ‘racing car’ which fragmented since we see several pieces so it’s a sign that it was something quite big, says Vincent Jean Victor, scientific mediator at the Planetarium, it goes down quite far, it is not excluded that something fell to the ground”.

Small precision of the scientist, “a meteorite is a pebble that you pick up on the ground once it has fallen”, the luminous phenomenon is a meteor, the object in the clissonnais sky is a meteoroid.

In a few days, according to Vincent Jean Victor, we should have confirmation of the phenomenon thanks to the cameras of the Fripon project, led by Vigie Ciel. It is a system of cameras installed at different points in the territory.

By triangulation, it will then be possible to know in which perimeter the meteorite has landed. “Even if it was seen in Clisson, it may have been a pebble that fell near Poitiers”.

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