A member of the electoral commission in Krakow tried to hide ballot papers


A member of the election commission for Teatralna in Nowa Huta in Krakow, she tried to hide ballot papers under her clothes. She did not want to return them, so the police intervened. All cards were successfully recovered.

As Andrzej Ślęczek from the Krakow delegation of the National Electoral Office described PAP, the woman began to hide a dozen ballot papers under her clothes. Representatives of the city hall and other members of the commission unsuccessfully urged her to return the cards.

The police and ambulance were called in. The woman took an ambulance to the city hospital to diagnose her health.

All ballot papers were recovered. Everything is fine. You will be dismissed from the commission, someone else will replace hery – emphasized Ślęczek.

The police and electoral commissioner will explain the matter.

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