A member of the board of “Talsu gaļa” has been sentenced to prison for fraud

Laura Majevska, the press secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office, said that in June 2020, the Kurzeme District Court in Talsi sentenced three defendants to real imprisonment for tax evasion, causing great damage to the state, as well as fraud.

In the interests of JSC “Talsu gaļa”, persons committed fraud of value added tax (VAT) refund from the state budget in the amount of 73,676 euros and avoided payment of taxes in the amount of 415,044 euros.

According to the accusation, the persons involved fictitious companies in the criminal scheme planned for 2011, falsified accounting documents, executed fictitious transactions, after which these fictitious transactions were declared to have taken place.

After that, the VAT declaration of JSC “Talsu gaļa” was submitted to the State Revenue Service for these transactions. As a basis for deducting input tax, the accused used the specified false and false accounting documents, as if certifying the actual transactions.

One of the accused, who was a member of the Board of JSC “Talsu gaļa” at the time of the crimes, was found guilty and sentenced to three years and six months’ imprisonment, depriving him of the right to conduct business for three years.

In turn, the other two persons were found guilty of supporting fraud and supporting tax evasion. The persons named were each sentenced to two years and six months’ imprisonment, deprived of the right to conduct a business for two years.

The judgment can be appealed to the Supreme Court.

“Firmas.lv” information shows that “Talsu gaļa” was liquidated in 2017.

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