A massive search for the Vigilance driver who was thought to have jumped overboard; Finally in the custody of Palakkad South Police

Thiruvananthapuram: Palakkad found a police officer who was thought to have jumped into the sea to commit suicide. Girish, a native of Nellimood, was found by Palakkad South police. Dramatic events took place yesterday afternoon.

Girish, a vigilant driver, has had some family problems and financial problems. Yesterday afternoon, the family found a letter from Girish at their home. The letter was like, “I’m leaving.” With this, the family was shocked. The message spread to various police stations. Finally, Girish’s bike was found on the beach near the Ajimala temple.

CCTV footage of him going ashore was also obtained. The police concluded that he attempted suicide by jumping into the sea. Numerous tests followed. A Coastal Police boat was also used to patrol the sea. Since this morning, inspections have been carried out at sea and at various points on the reef.

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A message has arrived while searching. The message comes from the Palakkad South Police Station. There is a policeman in Palakkad who thought he jumped overboard! Girish was found in Palakkad in a damp state after going to the sea in his kilt. It was reported that he changed his clothes and crossed to the other side of the cliffs. Girish told police that he reached Palakkad by bus.

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