a Masonic lodge at Lycee Poincaré

In his new book to be released in early September 2022, Lorraine expert in Freemasonry, Jack Chollet, tells the tale of the well-known convent of the nuns of the Visitation of Nancy, now Poincaré large university, which housed a Masonic army lodge. .

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Passionate about heritage, Jack Chollet strives to have out study on the Lorraine Freemasons of past hundreds of years and to make their existence regarded in an authentic and first way. The most recent guide promotions with him Convent of the Visitation of Nancy the place he achieved in the mid-18And century of armed forces Freemasons.

“It is the story of a convent of Nancy in a quite Catholic Lorraine with nuns who occur from large-stage backgrounds, from excellent Lorraine family members who deliver their daughters there or who are placed there”claims the writer. “The elders of these families ended up often married to illustrious adult men, to whom good gifts had to be paid out. As a logical consequence, the final kinds were placed in the convent”.

Around 1745, the mom outstanding Louise-Françoise de Rosen, a former Alsatian Lutheran who experienced been positioned in the convent of the Visitation in her youth, been given a letter from a member of her household. His nephew, the knight Eléonor Félix de Rosen asked him for permission to use the premises of the convent to set up a Masonic lodge there. In advance of dying, the aunt will answer favorably to her nephew’s request to practice Masonic robes in the monastery.

“It can hence be noticed that it was ahead of 1746, the day of his demise, that this event could have occurred and that it would have been the starting issue for a tolerance extended by the other superiors of the monastery”the historian writes. “On the other hand, we find out all the exact that the speedy nun who succeeds him at the head of the monastery is none other than his niece Marie-Anne Sophie de Rottembourg who would have expressed a sure reluctance to keep on this collaboration viewed as sulphurous”. He adds:But, given that the economic contribution of the Freemasons was not negligible in the context of the time when the nuns experienced excellent trouble in supporting the local community, the niece would continue to receive the Freemasons and probably even prolonged soon after through the superiorities of subsequent reverends. “

This lodge did not last, but on the other hand, all around 1780, a member of one more incredibly effective Alsatian relatives, Gérard de Rénevald, who experienced his religious sister in the convent of the Visitation, wished to develop a new chapel. Because he is also a Freemason, he will get the job done to increase funds. As Louis XVI’s minister, quite a few benefactors will take part this sort of as the princesses Adélaïde and Victoire, who are the granddaughters of Stanislas, Marie Antoinette and then of program the Freemasons by way of the Rénevald.

“So definitely it is subordinated to the probability of placing Masonic symbols in the chapel”concludes Jack Chollet. “In truth, there are symbols that are named Masonic, but it is incredibly hard because Masonic symbols are typically pretty close to the symbols of catholicity: there are columns, figures of the cosmos, 5-star branches, the range six of generation, the number ten of the Understanding discovered in the four hundred and eighty motifs in the dome of the chapel. “

Jack Chollet will be existing at E book in the sq. Friday 9 September and Saturday 10 September 2022 to indication and chat about his most current e book and his preceding publications.

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