A masked witness recognized Slavi Angelov’s thugs in the police

He named the twins Georgi and Nikola Assenovi, as well as Biser Mitrev among other men lined up next to them.

A man with a mask on his head participated in the identification of the three defendants in the beating of Slavi Angelov. This became clear at the hearing in the case in the Specialized Criminal Court on Thursday.

Three of the witnesses who were used as civilian controls during the investigation were questioned.

In the spring of 2020, brothers Georgi and Nikola Assenovi, as well as Biser Mitrev, were arrested and charged with the attack on Slavi Angelov. One of the actions of the investigation was their identification in the building of the SDVR.

Traiko Alexandrov and his friend Hristo were next to the building of the Sofia Police Directorate. Two civilian police officers came to them and asked them to become witnesses for identification. They took them into the building. They entered a room where there was a man with a mask on his head. The lawyer remained in the corridor, whom the poet later recognized in the courtroom. Through the glass you could see what was happening in the other room. They put 4 people there, each with a number. The masked man looked at them and pointed to number 2, which was held by one of the twins. He recognized him by his physique and face. He said that this was the person who took part in the beating of the journalist.

Then they brought 4 other men into the next room. The masked man again pointed to one of the numbers that the men kept recognizing. He identified him as the other of the brothers involved in the beating.

The protocols were drawn up by the investigating police officer, and the witnesses Hristo and Traiko signed them. The twins’ lawyer had objections and they were recorded. In court, Traiko Alexandrov announced the decision of his friend Hristo Arsov that he would not come to the hearing.

Retired Mladen was also a poet in recognition. He was called from a nearby construction site, where he then worked as a technical manager. In the same way he entered the building of SDVR. Again in the room where he was invited, there was a man in a mask. More than a year after the identification, the man could not think of many details, but said he was involved in the identification. In the hall, he pointed to one of the twins as the man the masked man recognized through the glass. In fact, he participated in the identification of Biser Mitrev among three others with numbers in his hands, it became clear from his testimony from the pre-trial proceedings, read in court at the request of the prosecutor.

Then the poet pointed out Mitrev’s lawyer, who was in the corridor. Anonymous witnesses will be questioned at the next hearing, but it is not yet clear whether the masked man from the identification of the three will be one of them, or who he is. A fourth of the witnesses, Christian, said he had been detained for beating, but was released when summoned for identification. According to him, he was in the role of an extra, because it was clear who would be recognized by the mysterious masked man. Two of the intelligence officers who worked to uncover the case also testified Thursday. They told how the gray Opel was located, with which the perpetrators moved to the crime scene and which they left in the Poduyane district. Traces of Nikola Assenov, Georgi Assenov and Biser Mitrev were found in it days after the beating of Slavi Angelov. The car was dumped in a lawn and unlocked. The operatives kept the car until the experts arrived for the inspection.

A van was parked near the gray Opel, also in the lawn. It turned out that this is a young Frenchman who is a freelance artist and recently arrived in Bulgaria. In court, he said he had not seen people around the Opel and had forgotten most of the details.



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