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A march runs through Galicia and León to call for the paralysis of wind projects

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A march has crossed the border of Galicia and Castilla y León until they converge in Chan de Rabelo, in O Courel, to call for “rethinking” the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan and the wind projects planned in the area with the aim of “saving nature”.

The mobilizations, in which they have participated around half a thousand people from Galicia, Asturias and Castilla y LeónAccording to the organizers, they left Barjas (León) and Folgoso do Courel (Lugo) at around 12:00 hours with banners with messages such as ‘In defense of the Natura Network, everyone’s heritage’.

Later, the participants have come together in Chan de Rabelo, where they have proceeded to read a manifesto “for a living rural” and against the three large wind projects planned in the border area of ​​Galicia and El Bierzo (León).

The spokeswoman for the Association for the Ecological Defense of Galicia (Winery) In the Así Non Platform, the convenor of the mobilization, Adela Regueiro, explained to Europa Press that this march seeks “save nature and mountains” given the possibility that the wind projects planned in the area could cause “the territory to be destroyed.”

Although it has recognized the “importance” of its development, it has warned that the ecological transition it cannot be used as an “excuse” for a “land grab” that may lead to an impact on the ecological level and the natural heritage. Thus, he has affirmed that the projects are “excessive” and has regretted that the commitment to renewable energy is carried out “at the cost of natural destruction.”


In this sense, the Adega spokesperson in the Así Non Platform has asked to replace the wind power plan for the area with smaller projects, since, as it has warned, “It will drive people out of the rural area” as it is “incompatible with a cattle farm” and other economic activities. For this reason, it has stressed the importance of not carrying out “forced expropriations” of land for its development.

Thus, he stressed that this mobilization seeks that the regional deputies and their counterparts in Congress request the paralysis of these wind projects and has called for “rethink” the national energy plan, that, in his opinion, it must be “consensual” and listen to “the voice of the citizenry.”

Adega has stressed that the problem lies in “the way in which these projects are being carried out”, “in a massive, unplanned and large-scale” in areas of “great ecological and environmental value”. Thus, it has pointed out that, in addition to a loss of biodiversity and inequalities, the industrial and centralized model will have a visual and environmental impact. For this reason, it has opted for “a dimensioned electricity supply”, based on “distributed, local and self-sufficient” energy generation.

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