A man with an ax stole a bus in the Kladno region


The attacker was a man from Kladno. He got on a bus in one of the villages on Tuesday night, and when he found out he was alone in the vehicle, he asked the driver to drive. In addition, according to the police, he pulled an ax and a knife at him.

“Fearing for his health and life, the driver got out of the vehicle and the rapist left the place in the direction of the village of Třebusice. He crashed here near the railway crossing and drove into the ditch by bus, “said police spokeswoman Michaela Nováková.

Then, when two passing drivers stopped at the accident and wanted to help him, the rapist attacked them and wanted them to give him their cars. However, the men defeated him and detained him until the police arrived. Police then conducted a breath test, which showed 1.57 per mille.

The attacker was also aggressive with the police and the rescuers had to give him sedatives. “For the crimes of robbery, damage to another’s property and endangerment under the influence of an addictive substance, the suspected man faces up to ten years in prison,” Nováková summed up, adding that the police are asking for detention.

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