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While in New York City, a man provoked and attempted to attack 6ix9ine. Finally, the rapper was able to leave the premises without a problem.

Definitely freed from the legal constraints that prevented him from leaving his home until last weekend, 6ix9ine It wasn’t long before he took advantage of his newfound freedom to make his comeback in the streets of his hometown, New York. A comeback that did not go unnoticed since the rapper took the opportunity to shoot a new clip, Punani, but also to take pictures and record some humorous videos. A busy program that he was able to carry out thanks to the help of a substantial security team ensuring that he was not targeted by reprisals after his successful collaboration with the police. And precisely, this shock team has surely allowed 6ix9ine to avoid a big mess this weekend.

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A mess that could have degenerated

While in NY and obviously getting ready to get into a vehicle, 6ix9ine was approached by a young man who obviously had things to do with him. After the latter provoked and insulted him, he got out of his car and tried to approach the rapper. It is then that a member of the security will try to intervene and will take the phone of the young man, causing a fight, before the rest of the security arrives quickly and puts an end to the argument. As the troublemaker finally goes to retrieve his phone, several women ask not to shoot, which clearly seems to mean that guns have been pulled in case the story goes further. If Tekashi thus came out without scratches, this event will undoubtedly remind him that he is not the most loved in his city …

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