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A man suspected of stealing rare brandy in the Zlín region sold and donated drinks


Criminal investigators detained a 36-year-old man from the Kroměříž region last June, shortly after breaking into a family house in Zlín. “He is also responsible for the theft of plum brandy in the same locality,” police spokeswoman Monika Kozumplíková said on Friday.

According to investigators, the suspect collected a total of 300 liters of fruit brandy from an uninhabited family house within a few nights. He still had to take the china and speakers, but he didn’t have time to take them away.

According to the police, he took 1,500 crowns and 370 euros from another family house. “He was caught stealing from the owner of the house, who was awakened by strange noises. However, the thief managed to run towards the nearby forest. The owner of the house, meanwhile, called the police emergency line and police patrols began to come to the forest. Criminalists tracked down the men in the forest, detained them and took them to a police cell, “the spokeswoman specified.

According to the police, the man confessed to the actions and returned the stolen money. However, the fruit brandy was no longer available, the man allegedly sold or donated it.

The recidivist has 12 criminal records and is currently on probation. “If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison. The court sent the accused into custody, “Kozumplíková added.



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