A man suffered in a fire caused by a burnt food in Jūrmala; In Sigulda, five people evacuated from the building at night

At 2.36 at night on Wednesday The State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) received a call from Sigulda, where 6 m of household belongings burned in the bathroom of the second floor apartment of the three-storey building.2 area. Five people had evacuated the building before firefighters arrived. At 4.36 The fire was extinguished.

Smoke detectors were not installed in the apartment where the fire broke out, nor in the adjacent apartments, reminding the SFRS, reminding that smoke detectors must be installed in all dwellings – both apartments and private houses, but private houses must be additionally equipped with a fire extinguisher.

Tuesday at 16.20 firefighters hurried to a call in Jūrmala, where in the kitchen of the apartment on the top floor of a two-storey building, household items were burning for 3 m.2 area. At the scene, food that had ignited had been left unheated on a switched-on stove and the fire had spread to nearby objects.

Two people were evacuated from the smoked apartment, one of whom was injured and handed over to the Medical Services of the Emergency Medical Service (NMPD). The flames were extinguished before the arrival of the SFRS. Within half an hour, SFRS representatives completed their work at the scene. In this case, too, a smoke detector was not installed in the apartment.

SFRS reminds: “Take care when preparing and heating food! Do not leave food on the switched on stove unattended! Install smoke detectors in your home, which will tell you about the smoke in time, giving you the opportunity to escape from the smoked rooms and call fire and rescue workers by calling 112! ”

On Tuesday, a dead man was picked up from Lielupe in Jūrmala and handed over to the State Police officers.

In total, the SFRS received 37 calls in Latvia last day – 10 for firefighting, one of which was a forest fire, 18 for rescue work, but nine calls were deceptions.



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