A man stabbed his hand in the Beroun region with a piece of wood

Rescuers said they went to a man who had been stabbed with a large splinter of his forearm while working with wood. The whistleblower, who called for help on 155, was warned not to remove the chip.

The ambulance was on the scene in three minutes. “In the wound, several layers of wounded clothes were pushed with splinters. The rescuers secured the men venous access and gave him the necessary painkillers, “said rescue spokeswoman Petra Effenbergerová.

Subsequently, the man was transported to surgery in the HoĹ™ovice hospital. The spokeswoman pointed out that items from the wound were never released. “Removal can trigger massive bleeding in an injured person that you might not even be able to stop. The injured person’s life would be in danger, “said Effenberger.

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