A man sentenced for fleeing the gendarmes at 270 km / h without a license

A motorist was sentenced Wednesday to 12 months in prison, and two additional months, due to the revocation of a previous reprieve, before the criminal court of Nîmes (Gard), after having fled a control, on the highway. He was tried for refusing to comply, driving without a licence, speeding and non-payment of the toll.

On Sunday, the man had fled in his car, a German sedan, at full speed, while he was being chased by the Alpine, the very powerful car of the Grand Gallargues motorway peloton. It was checked at 270 km/h, instead of 130 km/h.

The man finally presented himself to the gendarmes on Tuesday. He was placed in police custody, and tried Wednesday in immediate appearance before the court of Nîmes.

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