A man sent to the hospital a thief who tried to rob his property – Criminal

  • December 3, 2021

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  • A property owner in Kyustendil beat up a thief who broke into his property. The victim was hospitalized in Kyustendil with abrasions. This was announced by the police in Kyustendil.

    The incident happened yesterday on Petar Beron Street in the city. A 64-year-old man broke into a private property and tried to dismantle a metal structure / shed /, but was surprised by the owner of the property.

    A physical altercation ensued, after which the intruder was admitted to hospital.

    Coal thieves were caught in Mlamolovo

    The Kyustendil police have initiated pre-trial proceedings for damage to another’s property and attempted theft. The duty officer and prosecutor were notified about the case, the police added.

    Radina Lazarova



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