A man killed his ex-wife with stones in Tervel (Updated)

A forensic examination of the victim has already been ordered

A woman was killed in Tervel this morning, said District Prosecutor Radoslav Buhchev, who is in the Dobrudzha town. He added that details of the serious crime will be given around 4 pm. The killer is being searched.

Faredin, a 51-year-old construction worker, is the killer from Tervel, whom the authorities are looking for for the death of his ex-wife Aiche, according to Pronez.

Faredin and Ayşe were divorced, she issued a restraining order forbidding the man from approaching his ex’s home. However, he repeatedly violated it. Neighbors say the murder was based on Aisha’s jealousy.

He stoned her and fled. Police are looking for him, all approaches to the area are blocked and cars are being checked.

They have two children. Their daughter is married and lives abroad. The son is a student at the school in Tervel, he trains football.

The Dobrich District Prosecutor’s Office and the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior are looking for the suspect Faredin Memish Ahmed for the brutal murder committed this morning, the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office announced.

The victim of the serious crime is 45 years old and is the ex-wife of the suspect. Her body was found early this morning on a city street. During the inspection, numerous traumatic injuries were found. A forensic medical examination has been appointed, the exact cause of the woman’s death is being clarified.

The investigation into the case continues under the direction of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Dobrich and is carried out by employees of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

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