A man in Hulín died in a fire in a single cell

Firefighters learned about the fire in Višňovce Street on Saturday at half past eight in the evening. “The cell fire was reported by the owner, who also brought out one injured man who lived in it. Upon arrival at the scene of the fire, the firefighters immediately provided the injured person with pre-medical care, including an oxygen mask, “said the spokeswoman.

According to her, firefighters found another man inside the building without any signs of life while extinguishing the fire. “On the spot, the intervening doctor found him dead. She called an air rescue service for the second man, which transported the injured person to the hospital, “stated Javoříková.

According to police spokesman Petr Jaroš, a 39-year-old man died in a fire and a 48-year-old man was injured. “The exact cause of death of a 39-year-old man will only be clarified by an ordered court autopsy,” Jaroš added.

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