A man has killed his family in a London apartment and lived with the bodies for maybe even two weeks

Police believe that the man has been living with the killed family members for some time.

Law enforcement officers had received alarmed calls from the woman’s family members on Sunday. Police officers searched the apartment several times, but the door was not opened for them.

On Monday, interviewing neighbors, it was revealed that family members had argued a lot before, but recently there was a suspicious silence, and none of the family had been seen.

Yesterday it was decided to break the door of the apartment. Law enforcement officers believe that the most likely culprit is Kuha Raj Sithamparanatan, who killed himself when he heard that the apartment door was being broken.

Neighbors have described the man as a calm, family person, so they feel shocked by what happened.

“He was a nice guy and a good person, quiet and took care of his family. We said hello, he seemed friendly,” says one of the neighbors.

“Everything between them has gotten worse lately. You could hear them screaming at each other. One day she threw his belongings out the window and made him drink medicine,” another neighbor recalls.
Malaysians born in Malaysia married in 2015.

Jauns.lv reminds that violence must not be tolerated, moreover, it has many forms and types, and the manifestations of violence are not always physical. If any of your peers commit any kind of violence against you and you need immediate help, call 110 or 112. You can also get support by calling the toll-free number for victims of crime: 116006. See also detailed information here, where you will also learn how the state and the municipality can help you if you have experienced violence in a partnership.

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