A man dragged by a herd of hyenas while sleeping, found only the head of the page all

HARARE, KOMPAS.com – One Men of Zimbabwe reportedly killed after the herd hyena dragged him out of bed and then devoured him.

Men who was identified as Tendai Maseka was only found living head, arms, and legs near his house the next day.

When attacked in his room during the incident in Banure village Monday at 23.00 local time (16/11/2020), the 46-year-old man shouted for help.

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Local police said Maseka was the last time he left the bar and returned home, with the walls covered in bloodstains.

The police tracing the trail in the forest concluded that Maseka had struggled with a herd of hyenas before he was eaten alive.

Some of the pieces of his body such as the head were found by residents who happened to be passing by on Tuesday (11/17/2020), and were buried the next day.

Ranger from the Zimbabwe National Park Authority (Zimparks) said they were now hunting six hyenas that had killed Maseka.

Gazetted The Sun Friday (20/11/2020), the predator is believed to have preyed on livestock such as goats and camels belonging to local residents.

Zimparks Communications Manager Tinashe Farawo urged residents to remain vigilant, because the herd had the courage to prey on humans.

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“Mr. Maseka was dragged from his bed, killed, and then eaten by six of them Hyena on Monday night, “said Farawo.

He explained that they took this conclusion based on the traces and scents left by the Hyenas when they preyed on Maseka.

Native to Africa, hyenas are known to hunt the carcasses of other animals rather than hunting themselves.

The carnivore is known to make distinct sounds as a form of communication to its flock, and can be heard up to five km away.

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They are said to rarely attack humans, and prefer to eat animal carcasses. Even so, the attacks they did occur several times.

Besides Maseka, there is news that a five-year-old boy is almost unrecognizable due to the predator’s prey in Ethiopia.

There is another heartbreaking incident in South Africa, where a teenager is crushed to death when eaten by a hyena in the family camp.


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