A man died in the Denver protests. Apparently he was shot by the TV crew World

DENVER (USA) One man was shot dead during simultaneous demonstrations on Saturday by far-left and far-right groups in Denver, USA. According to Reuters, the police arrested the alleged perpetrator, a member of the private security of the TV crew. Chief of Investigators Joe Montoya said both the victim and the probable perpetrator were white.


A Patriot Rally was held in Denver on Saturday, with far-right groups taking part, and at the same time left-wing groups took to the streets to protest against the right at an event called BLM-Antifa Soup Drive. The shooting was near the Denver Museum of Art, but the circumstances and motive of the crime are not clear.

The local television station KUSA-TV confirmed that the police arrested a member of her hired security guard. “In KUSA, it has been common practice in recent months to hire private security guards during protests to accompany employees,” the station said.



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