a man arrested after the assault of a French tourist

The assault occurred on February 14. A 27-year-old Frenchman had been “violently stabbed” in Harlem, New York. A 28-year-old man suspected of being the perpetrator was arrested earlier this week and charged with “assault”
and “attempted murder”, reports the New York Post.

On this Valentine’s Day, the young tourist living in Paris was leaving a restaurant with his girlfriend when a stranger, armed with a knife, suddenly stabbed him in the throat. “I didn’t see it coming. The man gave me a very hard blow to the face. At first, I thought it was just a punch and then I felt the blood “, he confided then.

The motive for the assault remains unclear. His attacker did not steal anything from him and fled immediately after stabbing him. New York police posted a portrait of the alleged assailant on Twitter.

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