a Mac mini 2020 Core i3 / 256 GB at € 842

iMac 27″ 5k Informations 03/2019 2099 € The 27 “iMac (Retina) was updated on March 18, 2019 with Coffee Lake models (6 to 8 cores) and Radeon Vega GPUs. You can buy without fear, the iMacs are only updated one times every 12/18 months on average. An update should not be ruled out in early 2020!

iMac 21.5 “4k Orange indicator Informations 03/2019 1499 € The 21.5 “iMac (Retina) was updated on March 18, 2019 with Coffee Lake models (6 to 8 cores) and Radeon Vega GPUs. The iMacs are only updated once every 12 / 18 months on average. An update is therefore likely around spring 2020! In the meantime, prefer the Refurb!

Apple TV 4k Red indicator Informations 09/2017 199 € The Apple TV 4k is a small evolution of the Apple TV for 4k TVs. It supports HDR, HDMI 2a and all recent codecs. If you have a 4k OLED TV, this is the ideal model. Its price is reasonable compared to the HD version, which remains in the catalog. Attention, a rumor evokes a more powerful model for the end of 2019. iMac Red indicator Informations 06/2017 1299 € The 21.5 “iMac (not Retina) was updated on June 5, 2017 with Thunderbolt 3 and Kaby-Lake chips. Coffee Lake models (with 6 cores) were expected by spring / summer 2019 but Apple has not renewed this version .. which is not really worth it anymore in 2019.

iMac Pro Red indicator Informations 12/2017 5499 € The iMac Pro is currently the most powerful Mac on the market, even if it has already been in existence for a good 2 years. Apple added a small Vega 64X GPU option and 256GB of RAM in March 2019, but nothing really fun. Do not hesitate to consult our tests and our videos before deciding! Note that Apple will release a Mac Pro in late 2019, so if you’re not in a hurry, it will be more modular … Mac mini Orange indicator Informations 10/2018 899 € The Mac mini was updated in late 2018 with a brand new 4-core CPU. An update is desirable in this half / mid 2020, whether at the CPU or SSD level, a little fair for the price. Be careful however, Apple often lets Mac mini “die” for several years Mac Pro Green indicator Informations 12/2019 6499 € The new Mac Pro is finally here! Of course, the price is high, but the target is very clear: the ultra-pro. You can buy without fear, (almost) everything can be changed over time and MPX modules are offered separately by Apple.

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MacBook Pro 13″ Green indicator Informations 05/2020 1499 € The MacBook Pro 13 “was updated on May 04, 2020 with the new Magic Keyboard keyboards (finally reliable) and 10th generation chips on the high end. You can buy without risk (see our tests!), A model 14 “is planned for late 2020 or early 2021.

MacBook Pro 16″ Green indicator Informations 11/2019 2699 € The MacBook Pro 15 “was replaced by a 16” model on November 13, 2019 with many new features: large 100Wh battery, completely revised keyboard, physical ESC key, new AMD GPU (5500M) and more generous storage. Apple offers since June 2020 a very powerful GPU option (5600M) (see our test). No update likely before the end of 2020, or even the beginning of 2021. MacBook Air Green indicator Informations 03/2020 1199 € The MacBook Air was updated in March 2020: 4-core processor, new keyboard (which no longer hangs) and storage doubled for the same price! This new version is much more interesting, do not hesitate to see our tests!

Apple TV 2015 Red indicator Informations 10/2015 159 € The Apple TV 2015 was released in late 2015 and Apple keeps it in the catalog despite the arrival of the 4k version. With the added bonus, a small price drop! If you don’t have a 4k TV, this is still a good deal.

iPhone 11 Pro Green indicator Informations 09/2019 1159 € The iPhone 11 Pro takes over from the iPhone XS, but brings some interesting new features in photo / video (see our tests / videos). It will not be updated until September 2020 … with the arrival of 5G!

iPhone SE 2 Green indicator Informations 04/2020 489 € € 489 for this iPhone 8 revisited with A13 chip, WiFi 6 and better photo capabilities (portrait mode etc.). This is the good plan for 2020, even if fans of the big screens, Face ID and good autonomy will prefer the XR!

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iPhone 8 Orange indicator Informations 09/2017 539 € The iPhone 8 was marketed on September 22, 2017 but remains quite sufficient in 2019/2020 for a rather tight price. It has good video capabilities (especially in the Plus version) and is still very good in photos. The iPhone XR nevertheless remains a better alternative, with its edge-to-edge screen and Face ID.

iPhone XR Green indicator Informations 09/2018 709 € The iPhone XR is an “entry level” version of the iPhone Xs, maintained in the catalog by Apple in 2019/2020, with a slightly larger screen (6.1 “) but LCD (not OLED), with a simple photo sensor and without 3D Touch. This model is interesting for those who do not want to spend too much but take advantage of the latest innovations while having a durable device over time. Its successor (the iPhone 11) offers a wide angle and a faster chip, but a little more expensive.

iPhone 11 Green indicator Informations 09/2019 809 € The iPhone 11 takes over from the iPhone XR, but brings some interesting new features in photo / video (see our tests / videos). It will not be updated until September 2020 … with the arrival of 5G! iPod touch Green indicator Informations 05/2019 249 € After a small update in July 2015 (same processor as the iPhone 6 and an 8MP sensor), Apple has finally deigned to update its player in 2019. But the novelties are meager: A10 processor (iPhone 7) and 256GB maximum storage. For the rest, nothing changes, except the price, which takes 20 € at entry level and which reaches 469 € for the high end! Quite disappointing for a product whose design and characteristics take us almost 4 years back …

iPad (2019) Orange indicator Informations 09/2019 379 € The iPad 7 (2019) is a new 10.2 “model, always thought for education and supporting Apple Pencil (v1). It offers only 32GB of basic storage, optional 128GB ( A good tablet for a reasonable price, but beware, the stylus is not provided! Not bringing much more than the iPad 6 (sold € 299 on the Refurb), think carefully! It should also arrive in the refurbished products store within a few months.

iPad mini 5

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Orange indicator Informations 03/2019 459 € The iPad mini 5 was updated in March 2019 with an A12 processor and drawing capabilities. But with a high price without new design, or “pro” functions (the photo sensor is not great), difficult to advise you … Note that Apple could renew it in 2020 (without warranty)

iPad Air 3 Orange indicator Informations 03/2019 569 € The iPad Air is making a comeback in 2019, with a more high-end tablet: A12 processor and drawing capabilities. But for the rest, the iPad Pro 10.5 “which it replaces does better in photo / video and drawing (120Hz). This tablet therefore remains a bit expensive … Wait until it lands on the Refurb! A note that Apple could renew it in 2020 (without warranty)

iPad Pro 2020 Green indicator Informations 03/2020 899 € The iPad Pro was updated on March 18, 2020: no revolution, but a faster GPU and a 3D sensor (LIDAR) for scanning a part in 3D! If these functions do not tempt you, the 2018 version (very close) remains available on the Refurb … for much less!

Apple Watch Series 5 Green indicator Informations 09/2019 449 € The Apple Watch Series 5 incorporates all the functions of Series 4 such as ECG, the big screen, fall detection and 4G. But the screen is finally permanently on and the watch incorporates a compass! If you have an S4, keep it there a little more, the upgrade is not worth it. Coming from a previous model, this version is clearly more interesting: faster, larger screen and health-related features.

Apple Watch Series 3 Orange indicator Informations 09/2019 299 € The Apple Watch Series 3 remains in the catalog (but maybe more for a long time?) And is a good alternative to the Series 5, even if its screen is a little smaller and it does not offer some new features, such as the ECG, the permanently lit screen or fall detection, specific to the new version. Weigh the pros and cons, knowing that these connected watches evolve a lot from one year to the next and its quickly obsolete (the first Apple Watch does not support watchOS 5/6 for example, even though it does not date than 2015)

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