“A loved one is in the hospital”: what we know about the voice messages received by RN deputies

Messages left on the answering machine to encourage the National Rally deputies to leave the hemicycle, during the examination of the referendum motion? This is what would have happened on Monday in the National Assembly, according to several representatives of the party whose motion had been chosen to be debated before the start of the examination of the pension reform. A complaint will be filed, while the president of the parliamentary group, Marine Le Pen, denounced intimidation.

What are these phone calls saying?

They would be “four or five” RN deputies to have received this voice message on their answering machine, Monday afternoon, noted Marine Le Pen. During the exchange, the interlocutor (whose number is withheld) “indicates that a child (of the parliamentarian) is in the hospital, hospitalized “and therefore encourages him to come to his bedside, added the president of the group to the National Assembly. In the end, it is not so: no relatives are in the hospital.

The president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella broadcast, Monday evening, on BFMTV, a message left on the voicemail of Laurence Robert-Dehault, deputy for Haute-Marne. LCP also broadcast the content. “Good evening Mrs. Robert-Dehault. The André Breton hospital center (a hospital located in Saint-Dizier, Haute-Marne) At the phone. One of your relatives has just been admitted to the emergency room. Can you go there? You are expected”, says a male voice, which specifies the telephone number of the hospital in question, as we have been able to verify.

RN deputy for Pyrénées-Orientales Anaïs Sabatini received a similar message. “Hello Ms. Sabatini. Perpignan hospital center, we received today a person from your relatives in a state of emergency, if you can get there quickly, ”says a voice, also male, according to an extract broadcast by Cnews.

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Caroline Colombier, MP for Charente from the same party, would also have received a similar message, according to Marine Le Pen. ” Obviously, (these deputies) came out devastated from the hemicycle before realizing that they had been several to receive these messages, ”lamented the president of the group at the National Assembly.

What changed?

These messages were left before the vote on the referendum motion tabled by the National Rally. This text, tabled by all RN deputies, consisted of a referendum proposal to settle the question of pension reform. The Nupes had also tabled a motion in this direction, but only one that can be discussed, it is that of the RN which had been chosen during a draw. A third referendum motion was tabled on Monday.

Article 122 of the regulations of the National Assembly however, provides that a referendum motion can only be discussed “if the actual presence at the meeting of the signatories is noted at the time of the call”. In other words: if a single Rassemblement national deputy, signatory of the motion, was absent during the examination of the latter, then the latter fell into oblivion, giving way to another.

“If the 88 deputies of the National Rally were not present for this motion, it fell and was not put to the vote”, confirmed on BFMTV Jordan Bardella. “I fear, unfortunately, that this is an internal blow to the Assembly because you have to know the procedure well to know that if only one deputy is absent then the referendum motion falls and can no longer be discussed or voted on”, also accused Marine Le Pen.

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What suites?

The president of the group at the National Assembly announced that a complaint was going to be filed. “We are going to find who committed this offense because we are obviously going to file a complaint and have the messages received by our deputies analyzed”, detailed Marine Le Pen.

The President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, also asked the RN on Monday “a copy of the messages received so that we can look at what is going on”. “The National Assembly will be at the side of each parliamentarian who will be intimidated, whatever their political side”, she repeated on Tuesday, during a press briefing, speaking of a “very serious” gesture, ” shameful” and “unworthy”.

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