“A Love Story” watching the series “The Resurrection of Othman”, episode 16 today, 2-26, translated by Ibn Artgrel

Egypt Sport provides its visitors with the service of watching episode 16 of the series of the resurrection of Othman al-Ghazi Ibn Artgrel and scheduled to be shown via the Turkish ATV channel today, Wednesday 25 March 2020, at exactly 9:00 pm Cairo time, i.e., ten o’clock Mecca time, and we will have a special date with Resurrection Osman Episode 17 as soon as it is shown exclusively through the carrier channels, which we provide you with their frequencies via the table at the bottom of the page.

Episode 16 of the Osman Resurrection series will be uploaded as soon as it is broadcasted exclusively on television, and a multi-quality video will be provided to suit all internet speeds. The Osman Resurrection series will show episode 16 on the evening of March 24, 2020 and be matched at eleven local time according to the Abu Dhabi city Emirates , And is shown exclusively on ATV for the first time.



The story of the series deals with the rise of the Ottoman Empire and its transfer from loss to strength through the hero Othman, who is the third son of Artgrel the father. The son follows in his father’s footsteps towards achieving victories, liberating the country, and establishing the Ottoman Empire, which has long lived in a bad period.

The series of the Resurrection Osman Episode 16

The lead role in the famous Turkish series is a constellation of stars, most notably Burak Ozgevit as the invader Osman Ibn Artgrel and actress Aisha Gul Junay, Ragheb Savas, Nur ad-Din Sunmaz and Aslan Karalar. It is new and interesting.

The latest statistics revealed that the Resurrection of Osman has become one of the most watched and watched Turkish dramas by fans and fans of drama, and thus achieved a large viewing rate of about 32% around the world, and thus the series becomes one of the most famous series, compared to other dramas of various types and tiers.

The frequency of the atv channel, which carries the Resurrection Osman

the channel The satellite Frequency Coding rate FEC the quality
Leave the sat 42.0 ° E 11628 27500 5/6 SD
Astra 19.2 ° E 12692 27500 5/6 SD
Astra 19.2 ° E 11243 27500 5/6 SD
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