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Due to the limitations associated with the coronavirus pandemic, Formula 1 has introduced a protocol that limits the number of people who can work in a team. The original total limit of people who can work on the car has been replaced by limiting the total number of team members to a high price. Each team can have a maximum of 80 of its employees in all positions in the plant.

In an effort to reduce the risk of disease transmission, COVID-19 teams such as Ferrari have set up their own groups to be as separate from each other as possible when working on cars.

This will make it more difficult for team members to work together, so working on the car in the garage will probably take more time than before. According to Mekies, however, the restrictions will not be reflected in the pit stops, which the fastest teams can manage in two seconds.

“We now have a total limit of 80 people that was not here before. Therefore, we had to eliminate mainly people working in non-technical positions. As a result, pit stops and engineering processes will not be much affected, “says Mekies.

“It will affect them a bit, because we tried to take as few people as possible to the race track, regardless of the limit. Overall, however, you will not see a big change in the number of people involved in a pit stop or other operations.

“We have reduced the number of people so that we can do as many things as possible remotely. As you know, we have here (in Ferrari) what we call a ‘parallel box’. A remote garage that supports our processes. So all we can do is do it remotely. I’m sure other teams and the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) do the same. But when it comes to pit traces, you’ll see the same operation, “adds Mekies.

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The postponed Formula 1 season will start on July 5 with the Austrian Grand Prix. The Styria Grand Prix will take place on the same track a week later.

Foto: Getty Images / Mark Thompson

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