A life from 22nd to 28th May 2022, anticipated episodes

After yet another discussion with Rosina about the restaurant, Carmen manages to silence the partner by relying on her vanity: he proposes to take care of public relations, presenting it as the most important task, so she can manage the place as she sees fit. When Alodia confides in her that she wants to give the baby up for adoption, Bellita forbids it and assures her that the Dominguezes will take care of her baby as if she were her grandchild. While the neighborhood discovers that Soledad is wanted by the police for killing Felicia, Aurelio blackmails her maid: if she does not agree to kill a certain person, he will stop giving her shelter and abandon her to her fate. Later the woman sets out to spy on Marcos and Pierre Caron.

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Returning home, after spending the day together, Felipe and Natalia find Caron’s body. Bellita makes peace with her sister Candelaria, who tells her that her son usually runs away from her problems. Rosina’s constant interference in the management of the restaurant puts Carmen’s patience to the test. Ignacio shows the first signs of letting up and seems tempted by the idea of ​​going back to his uncles’ house.

Natalia confronts Aurelio, convinced that he is behind the diplomat’s murder; the man denies any involvement of him in front of his sister, only to confess to Genoveva that he had Caron killed by Soledad. Anabel asks Marcos what relations she was with the diplomat and if he was the one who denounced the young Quesada. Soledad would like to leave the city as soon as possible, but Aurelio prevents her and demands to know what her dynamite is for.

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Soledad refuses to tell Aurelio what dynamite is for, but he steals a photo of Fausto from her to find out for himself. Anabel asks Aurelio to make one last attempt to get Marcos to approve the engagement. Natalia asks Felipe to stay away from her, because their relationship could only hurt him. Alodia receives a letter from her parents: she has arranged a wedding for her with a boy from the village; she the girl is desperate and she doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Josè Miguel sends a letter to Ignacio, in which he begs him to come back at least for Alodia.

The restaurant owners ask Josè Miguel to judge a tasting menu: the dishes are a success and the restaurant will be inaugurated. Relations between Fabiana and Servante are increasingly tense and Casilda and Jacinto no longer know what to do to make them reconcile. Josè Miguel receives a mysterious telegram that lifts his spirits.

Aurelio proposes to Fausto to collaborate, then reveals to Genoveva that in the neighborhood there will soon be an anarchist attack from which they could take advantage. Meanwhile, Genoveva pressures Natalia to seduce Felipe. The latter and Natalia kiss, but the memory of Marcos’ abuse causes the young woman to pull back. Carmen and Rosina finally inaugurate the restaurant. Alodia continues to have a recurring nightmare, in which she becomes the laughing stock of the neighborhood due to her pregnancy.

After having repudiated Marcos in Aurelio’s presence, the relationship between Anabel and her father becomes increasingly tense. Servante, after the discussion with Fabiana, announces that he will sell his share of the pension. Fabiana feels the pinch but she doesn’t want to admit it.

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Aurelio tells Genoveva about the imminent anarchist attack and suggests that they get rid of Marcos and Felipe by making them die in the explosion, to keep the suspects away from them; Genoveva, however, has another idea in mind: to have Felipe be blamed for Marcos’ death and end his days in jail. Servante announces to Fabiana that he intends to sell his share of the pension and she is cold and indifferent to the news, but later it is understood that she is actually very sad. Antonito accidentally drops the hourglass to the ground, breaking it. Ignacio reads the letter that Josè Miguel sent to him through Florencio and is disturbed by it. Meanwhile, Alodia, increasingly anguished, decides to try Bellita’s calming pills, but she takes too many of her and she convulses.

When Anabel proposes to him to escape and get married in secret, Aurelio immediately organizes their escape. Shortly before leaving, the young woman makes peace with her father and writes him a letter. Back at his uncles’ house, Ignacio finds Alodia unconscious and saves her life. But then, when he learns that the girl is pregnant with her, he is reluctant to assume his responsibilities. Josè Miguel makes a mysterious phone call without his wife’s knowledge. The disagreements between Carmen and Rosina continue, moreover she announces that she has big plans for the restaurant but she gives the impression that she does not want to involve her partner. Natalia seems to be starting to have suspicions towards Genoveva. After finding a buyer and making arrangements for the sale of his share of the pension, Servante asks Fabiana to marry him.

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