A legendary wedding turns upside down and turns into a wonderful funeral .. It was a violent and hard night that lasted for 3 total hours .. Then there was a pity that did not take place to the newlyweds.! !

An Egyptian groom beat his bride 3 several hours just after the marriage social gathering ended, leading to her to tumble into a coma with a fractured skull and pelvis, and she was transferred to the intensive treatment place of a Cairo hospital.

The groom stated of the instances of the incident, that his mom recommended him to defeat his wife on the night time of the wedding so that she would be fearful of him and see the “red eye” from the starting,

and that his mother’s target was to avoid repeating the exact circumstance that occurred with his brothers Wherever they were managed by their wives just after relationship.

And the groom Salim additional: “I was the youngest of my brothers and obedient to my mom, who I don’t like to make her indignant 1 day, and when she asked me to be a guy with my spouse on their wedding night time so they wouldn’t it would violate me in any way, I did not be reluctant at all. “

He stated, “I listened to my mother’s terms whispering in my ear all evening of the social gathering not to allow her down like my brothers did just before, and that day I slapped my spouse three moments in the face to prove she that I I am the guy and the owner of the phrase from day one.

But she failed to maintain tranquil and strike me and started off cursing me for my habits with her ”. Then “Saleem” took revenge on his bride and the difficulty turned into a violent verbal altercation.

Which caused her to be beaten with a piece of iron he introduced from the kitchen area, triggering her to drop into a total coma, forcing him to simply call his father and mother.

Then her father called the law enforcement and took her to the closest clinic and, upon completion of the assessment, it was learned that she had a fractured skull and pelvis.

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