A Lebanese beautician reveals Mayada Al-Hinnawi’s plastic surgery scenes and is surprised by the news

Cosmetics expert Samer Brita has revealed the fact that artist, Mayada Al-Hinnawi has undergone plastic surgery, after Lebanese plastic surgeon, Nader Saab accidentally posted before and after pictures of her plastic surgery.

During his meeting with Karam Halloum via the Morjan channel, Samer Britaa said that this image was 15 years ago when Mayada Al-Hinnawi had already undergone plastic surgery, and not recently.

Braitaa indicated that Dr. Nader Saab was posting these photos from his archive and that Mayada Al-Hinnawi’s recent appearance like this was the result of a trick that showed her younger than her real age.

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Regarding the recently released image of Haifa Wehbe, in which she appeared with changing features showing her progress in age, Samer said that Haifa Wehbe’s features are characterized by beauty, both before and now, indicating that talked to Haifa Wehbe recently via WhatsApp function, and she was unfiltered, beautiful as usual.

Samer commented on Asala’s recent appearance after she recently had plastic surgery on her face, saying, “Well done to her, the surgery went well and it came out really well, but she used the filters in the last pics.” .

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