A leak from a gas cylinder is the cause of the explosion in which the…

An explosion at a Duner restaurant in the city center of western Turkey’s Ayden district killed seven people yesterday, including three children.

The governor of Ayden province told CNN Turk TV that five other citizens were injured, one of them in critical condition. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag tweeted that a person “allegedly responsible for the explosion” has been arrested and three prosecutors are investigating the case.

Governor Hussein Aksoy said initial testimony from a restaurant worker indicated that there was a leak in a cooking gas cylinder which led to the explosion at around 3:35 pm (2:35 pm Bulgarian time). There were many customers in the restaurant at that time. The accident occurred while a worker in the kitchen was trying to change a gas cylinder.


The media also reported that a fire broke out in the restaurant after the explosion. Fire engines and ambulances were rushed to the scene immediately.

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