A kiss revealed who Desi Slava’s favorite is

Pop-folk diva Desi Slava is probably enjoying the embrace of her son’s father Blagoy Naidenov again. Recently, the couple celebrated the baptism of their son Boris and one of the videos from the holiday shows Little Cobra kissing the folk singer on the mouth, Weekend writes. This quickly gave rise to allegations that the athlete and the singer have reunited. “Apparently Desi forgave him for dumping her. Then he had found a new wife, but now he has returned with a curled tail to her “, commented the people around the star’s family.

The blonde from Galabovo and Naidenov organized a baptism as a wedding. It took place in the restaurant of a metropolitan hotel, with many guests, photos and music. The footage on social networks shows both parents dancing the blues, and their son is on his father’s shoulders. The young man whispers something in his older partner’s ear, hugs her and even kisses her, and she dies of happiness after the exchange of tenderness.

At the christening, the singer of the light genre is wearing a beautiful dress, but even she can’t hide the plump shapes of the blonde, who can’t lose weight, but becomes more and more round. “They must have decided to give themselves another chance in the name. child’s. However, it is not good to grow up with separated parents. He will hardly kiss her on the mouth out of respect “, commented the people around Desi Slava.

A year ago, rumors started that Little Cobra and the folk star were separated. Gradually, these rumors were confirmed by both, as the blonde first admitted to the separation. The two broke up about a year ago, but agreed not to announce it to the media. “Together or not, the more important thing is that we are happy,” the folk singer answered meaningfully some time ago when asked if she was separated from the youngster, but everyone understood the hidden meaning behind her words.

There are rumors in folk circles that Blagoy Naidenov has taken the first step towards separation. At the age of 17, they began to speak for themselves, especially after the birth of their son. After giving the athlete a son, Desi fell into a deep depression, and the many extra pounds despaired her and distanced her from her sexy husband. “Blagoy can have almost any woman. He is young, handsome, muscular, he earns good money, a lot of women look at him, but he also looks at them “, commented Avery of the boxer, who is the father of the young son of the singer.



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