A key military decision in Venezuela is approaching, and Maduro has a dilemma: remove the promotion of Diosdado Cabello from the Army

Diosdado Cabello has had more power in the FANB than Nicolás Maduro

The military promotions of high command they take place around July 5, day of the celebration of the signing of the Act of Independence of Venezuela. In the framework of a fierce economic crisis, supported by suffocating sanitary measures in a population with the highest inflation in the continent, with serious failures in the supply of food, medicines, services such as domestic gas, drinking water, electricity and fuel, promotions they are not a topic of interest to the common population, but it is key for Nicolás Maduro and the dome in power.

Maduro could consider not changing the Military High Command, considering the number of variables it has at stake, mainly its intention to launch the parliamentary elections and the advance of COVID-19. And postpone those changes for the month of December.

If you decide to make the changes according to the pieces that move in this period of military promotions, it will be determined whether the so-called febreristas, that is, those who participated in the coup attempt of February 4, 1992, will continue to have some kind of power in the political and military command structure. Everything indicates that for now it will not replace the Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López, because there is no one in sight to replace him and not to shake up the military world, even when he had to leave in 2014.

Now mature You have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the class of 1987, to which it belongs God given hairAlthough he only became a lieutenant, he is a powerful man in the power structure in Venezuela and is in charge of commanders in key positions.

The most important piece of Hair in the High Command is Rodríguez Cabello, who must be moved from the Army Command because otherwise a plug is created in the promotion structure that would not allow him to go up to that of 1988.

Among the officers of the 1988 GB promotion Manuel Manrique, who will undoubtedly be a reference in new promotions, for the positions to which they could be assigned, there is the head of the Capital Comprehensive Defense Region (REDI), Major General Domingo Antonio Hernández Larez, who, being an unconditional man for Nicolás Maduro’s revolution, will surely occupy the post of Army Commander General, with a view to being, in the short term, the Strategic Operational Commander (Ceofanb).

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MG Domingo Hernández could be the next army commander

MG Domingo Hernández could be the next army commander

The most trusted

Another key name, as Maduro’s trusted man, is the MG Iván Rafael Hernández Dala, who has simultaneously held the positions of director general of military counterintelligence (Dgcim) and head of the presidential honor guard (Casa Militar), whom he could appoint to the Military High Command, even though he has long been away from the Armed Forces , which prevents him from having ascendancy and leadership in the most important component of the military institution, and much more in these moments when the Armed Forces face strong internal storms.

And in case he forced the bar and imposed it on the Military High Command, the big question would be who would dare to place in DGCIM and GHPBecause there is no other officer in sight that you trust for this.

He has among those he considers his trusted men the MG Manuel Gregorio Bernal Martínez, who heads the Bolivarian Militia, whom he could also consider for the Army, although for Maduro it is more useful with the militiamen, which have become a kind of Praetorian army for him, who does not trust the National Armed Forces at all.

To that promotion 1988 belongs the Governor of the Aragua state, Rodolfo Clemente Marco Torres, who is a man close to Major General Ricardo Nicodemo Ramos (class 1990), commander of the Integral Defense Zone (ZODI) of Aragua, the same one who released a video trying to humiliate a subordinate captured in the framework of Operation Gideon.

Weeks ago, an internal radiogram indicated the procedure to be followed for promotions to colonel in the Army, Aviation and the National Guard, and as a captain of the Navy, as well as those of a professional troop. They were told that they would be organized by the commands of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zones (ZODI) of each state, except in the capital, where each military unit will do so in its respective facilities.

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They were told that for reasons of the virus there will be no stop groups, the use of the mask is mandatory, the promoted must wear the clips and hoods of the new rank or hierarchy already in place, military commissions will not be allowed, nor can family members attend, nor can they be made celebrations at the commandos.

Hernández Dala, among the most trusted officers for Maduro

Hernández Dala, among the most trusted officers for Maduro

Emblematic promotion

The 87 GB Tomás Montilla Padrón promotion, to which Diosdado Cabello belongs, You must go to retirement in a few days, once its members turn 33 years of active exercise on July 5. In it, there are also well-known names in Venezuela, among the retired: Jessé Alonso Chacón Escamillo, current ambassador of Venezuela in Austria, held several senior executive positions and was the one who, being a minister, promised to solve the electrical problem in Venezuela, being a appalling disaster; José Gregorio Vielma Mora, who became captain, was governor of Táchira thanks to the fact that Hugo Chávez promoted him, becoming a president indicated by profound acts of corruption, such as what happened with the Táchira Lottery and the boost he gave to the industry smuggling at the border; Alejandro José Andrade Cedeño, who is serving time in the United States after admitting that he received more than a billion dollars for bribes.

Being active, General Carlos Alberto Rotandaro Cova directed the Institute of Social Security for many years, amid strong allegations of corruption, and a few months ago he left for Colombia requesting asylum; Carlos A. Martínez Stapulionis was head of Border Security, especially at a time when the penetration of the guerrillas took hold, especially in the Táchira state, and he was later sent as the Venezuelan military attache in the Republic of Korea.

Major General Alexis José Rodríguez Cabello, current commander general of the Army, belongs to that promotion. And another who is in the Military High Command is Major General Jesús María Mantilla Oliveros.


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