A judge reopens Helena Jubany’s crime case

The Court of first instance 2 of Sabadell (Barcelona) has agreed to reopen the proceedings regarding one of those investigated for the death Helena Jubany, who was killed in 2001 in the city. The investigation of the crime closed without being resolved in 2005: the crime will prescribe when 20 years have passed (2021 for those who were not charged at the time, and 2025 for those who did).

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has reported that the magistrate has agreed to reopen proceedings in accordance with the Prosecutor’s report.

The case was provisionally filed since 2005, and on June 5 the family of Helena Jubany, who is acting as private prosecutor, gave the judge new evidence to resume the investigation.

The interlocutory that agreed to dismiss the case on October 7, 2005 justified, regarding the authorship of the crime, that “it should not be attributed absolutely and incontestably” to any of the accused.

As a result of this decision, the Court will take new statements and receive new documentation related to the facts.

The family of the young woman murdered in the Vallesana coca-capital has provided new evidence that “questions in the bud” the statements made by witnesses nearly twenty years ago. According to the family’s lawyer, Benet Salellas, the new evidence “knocks down” the alibi of Santi Laiglesia, one of the main suspects in the crime.

Jubany died on the morning of December 2, 2001, after two days disappeared. His body was thrown from a roof, completely naked and full of burns. The death of the young man from MataróIn addition, it is surrounded by many mysteries. Three months before the crime, for example, Jubany received two anonymous letters accompanied by adulterated drinks with sleeping pills.

The case has been collected in the TV-3 series ‘Crims’, by Carles Porta.

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