A judge marries her ex without her knowledge

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Out of revenge, a judge in Hauts-de-Seine, France, married her ex-boyfriend without her knowledge, providing false documents, according to Europe 1.

This magistrate indeed saw her couple break up after years of common life. To prevent her ex-spouse from being able to start a new life, she therefore officially married him without his consent.

According to Europe 1, she was placed in police custody and then placed under investigation for “forgery and use of forgery in public or authentic writing by a person holding public authority”. His daughter is also said to be facing legal proceedings.

This 58-year-old judge could not have supported that her partner, a lawyer, had left her to start a new life with the sister of a minister of whom she was a justice adviser a few years ago.

It was therefore legally, and thanks to false papers, that she said “yes” to an accomplice during a ceremony in Saint-Denis de La Réunion in March 2019. It was only a few weeks ago later that the “groom” realized the deception, while his “wife” was back in the Hauts-de-Seine. The trio was therefore indicted at the court of Versailles.

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