A journey through the life of Carlos V, with Luis Cao | Present

Wayfarer of History. In 1556, Carlos V was the poor man there, to’depre, old man, tired and ailing lost. So he left imperial dreams behind and resigned as emperor. He split the empire in half. He left the kingdoms of Germany to his brother Fernando; and Flanders and the Spanish Empire, to his son Felipe II.

They say that when the pope, Paul IV, found out, he said: “The emperor has gone mad!” And he was not surprised, because he was the son of Juana la Loca.

Already as emeritus king, he said goodbye to his son Felipe II, whom he never saw again; He left Flanders, entered Spain through Laredo (Cantabria) and arrived at the monastery of Yuste (Cáceres), where he lived in retirement.

Five hundred years later, the 24 municipalities through which he passed on that last trip have agreed to ride the Route of Charles V, which commemorates the passing of the traveling emperor here and celebrates it with medieval markets, re-enactments and other historical merriment. -Holidays.

Today you go down in History with us Luis Cao, actor, television reporter, lifelong friend, one of the funniest guys we know and one of the members of the Yllana company, with which he has traveled half the world.

Also, we are on the way to Nerea Angulo, Councilor for Tourism of Medina de Pomar; Goyo G. Teacher, journalist and occasional neighbor of Palenzuela; Y Victor Andres, guide to the basilica of San Juan Bautista de Venta de Baños.

In History on the Road, we propose a tour of our particular Route of Carlos V, where we are going to try to get to know the most powerful man of his time better.

If you want to join us, get on History!

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