A Hungarian government official called Europe Soros’ gas chamber

Demeter wrote in an article that Europe would form Soros as a “gas chamber.”

“A poisonous gas comes out of the capsule of a multicultural open society, which is deadly to the European lifestyle. We Europeans are doomed to try to trample each other to the last sip of air, “Demeter wrote.

In a text published by the government agent on the pro-government website origo.hu, he described Soros as a “liberal Führer.” According to Demeter, Hungarians and Poles who the European Union (EU) wants to punish for failing to uphold the rule of law are “new Jews”.

The director of the museum thus responded to the dispute in the EU in connection with the connection between the payment of European money and the protection of democratic values. Hungarian government officials have already said that the Union wants to use this position to force member states to accept migrants.

The article withdrew, the aftertaste persists

After the protests, Demeter eventually withdrew his article, but criticism now directly affects Orbán. “If Demeter is still a representative of your government on Monday, we Hungarians and the whole world will consider his words to be the position of the Hungarian government,” former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai warned Orbán in an open letter.

The American Jewish Committee called Demeter’s words terrible, and the Internationalen Auschwitz Komitees spoke of overt anti-Semitism. “We strongly condemn the misuse of the Holocaust memorial,” the Israeli embassy in Budapest said in a statement.

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