A huge snake leaps over a woman in Thailand and sticks its fangs into her foot • Newspaper Al Marsad

Al-Marsad newspaper: a video clip showed the moment when a huge snake jumped on a woman in Thailand, planting its fangs in her foot, prompting her to engage in a quick fight; To get rid of the beast and its fangs, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The video showed three Thai women walking along a corridor in a government building, until one of them approached a small tram on the side of the corridor.

Suddenly, a huge snake pounces on the woman, forcefully thrusting its fangs into her light shoes, and then into her foot, until it wounds her.

The woman entered a life or death battle with the snake, trying to free her foot from its fangs, then hit the snake with her foot, so that she could finally get rid of it, while her colleagues were retreating in. horror and amazement at what was happening.

The woman was then seen writhing in pain and walking away from the scene of the attack inside the building. Photos taken after the incident show that the woman sustained deep injuries to her foot due to the snake’s fangs.

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