A huge python swallowed the whole calf and burst – UNIAN

A greedy, hungry snake had a ruptured stomach.

Four-meter python swallowed a calf / screenshot

In Thailand, in the province of Phitsanulok, a huge python swallowed the calf whole, but could not digest it and died. The stomach of the greedy reptile burst due to the gigantic prey.

Writes about the incident Daily Star.

It is noted that the dead snake was discovered by a farmer who went to look for his missing calf.

The man was shocked when he saw the bloody remains of an animal and a four-meter dark tiger python.

Read alsoIn the USA, a snake lover was strangled by a 2.5-meter python (video)According to local government spokesman Nirun Livwattanakul, the python was hungry, saw a calf, strangled it, and then swallowed it whole.

“After the calf died in the womb of the snake, its body began to swell and swollen the stomach of the reptile even more. As a result, what we see happened,” he said.

Supposedly, the snake was about eight years old. After examination, the bodies of the animals were burned and buried.

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