A huge meteor explosion in the sky of Brazil causes panic … photos and videos


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The “Heller” and “Jung” space observatories recorded eight large meteors approaching the Earth’s atmosphere, but the explosion of one of them over Brazil caused panic among some citizens.

Residents of the states “Rio Grande do Sul” and “Santa Catarina”, Brazilians, were amazed when a large meteor exploded in the sky, What caused it to happen A great burning flame, which aroused panic and fear among some citizens.

The meteor penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 37,841.5 miles per hour, and exploded at an altitude of 13.7 miles over the cities of “Vaccaria” and “Rio Grande do Sul”, According to newspaper British “Daily Mail”.

“The meteorite entered the atmosphere at an altitude of 64 miles and lasted for 1.05 seconds before exploding at an altitude of 58.7 miles above the surface,” said Carlos Fernando Young, director of the Southern District of the Brazilian Meteorite Monitoring Network.

Young added: “With the fall of this huge meteorite, it proved to be the largest number From huge meteorites I have come close to Earth this year. “

The meteorite explosion recorded an intensity of brightness of -7 degrees, and the number 0 is the reference point specified for measuring the brightness of meteors during their explosion, and a negative number equates to the brightness of the meteorite.

The observatories recorded the meteor’s explosion and its shine in Heaven in a big way And remarkable, on November 8th, with a luminous glow in the sky.


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